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Download and install the new and latest version of the worst gaming injector for MLBB to unlock features
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Worst Gaming
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v 45
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We warmly welcome you all to our new post and injector which is Worst Gaming Injector APK version v45. The Mobile Legend game, as we all know, is one of the most popular and most downloaded games in the Play Store. This is the reason why many people are playing it and there are players who have been playing the game for years and now are pro. If you are new to the game or even if you are a seasonal player, it becomes hard to survive in front of these pro players who have access to many features that a new a player with low rank does not have.

But now no need to be worried. All your worries are shifted to your opponent. The latest version of the worst gaming injector v45 is here to rescue you and help you to be on the top. If you have ever worried about the premium features and have dreamed of unlocking them without spending money, well here is the deal and the injector to do all for you.

The Worst gaming injector, although the name is worst but its function is the best among all other injectors. You can unlock skins, drone view, special emotes, a mod menu, and many hacks that are the dream of players. It is now time to make your opponent scared of you and they pray not to face you.

Download the latest version of the worst gaming injector APK for your Android phone and install it to unlock those mentioned above features. There is no way of getting banned because of its anti-ban feature. But still, we will recommend you to not use your actual account when using this application to be on the safe side.

What is the Gaming Worst Injector for Android?

The worst gaming injector APK is the newest and the latest version of the gaming injector introduced by a third party which means this is not available in the Play Store. You can only find this tool on our site, APK Phone for free of cost. The tool is specifically developed for the MLBB players to unlock and boost their ranking without making the game boring.

When you start playing the game and then you are knocked out all the time by pro players and the players who have access to features, the game becomes boring. Well, this time you are the one who is going to enjoy the game by knocking out your opponents. The dream of being the king of kings and being on the top of the game is going to be real. The updated version of the worst gaming injector v45 is going to boost our ranking in the MLBB game.

Hear what the users said about the Injector

As we have mentioned the app is very popular among ML players as they can use this application to unlock tons of free features. The users and players are very satisfied with the injectors and their performance. It has gained a high rating from the players.

The part that most of the players had mentioned in their review about the tool is its drone view. According to the users, the drone view of the worst gaming injector is one of the best drone views they have ever used in the ML game. They also mentioned that they were able to customize the camera, zoom in and out, and see their opponent from a large range which is why they like the drone view.

We haven’t really seen players talking about being banned or accounts being hacked after using this injector which suggests that this injector is safe and secure. Because if this was not secure and safe, surely the players and the users would not have ratted it that high.

So, it is now your time to be the next user let us know how you feel about the injector and its performance. We will surely include your feedback in our future posts.

The popularity of Worst Gaming Injector on Google

In order to see how much the worst gaming injector is popular among the people and the users, we will use Google Trends to find out the search volume for the past 7 days. Although the gaming injector’s latest version has gained high ratings from users and received very positive feedback. We will also see how many people search the injector on Google.

worst gaming injector trend

As you can see, the graph has a high volume which means people search the gaming injector every day and thousands of people download this tool to enjoy the game.

Search volume for gaming injector

This graph shows very interesting information about the worst injectors. It shows that most of the users or the people who actually search for this injector are from Australia, the US, and Canada. So, we can say that the injector is mostly used or is popular in the given countries.

Features of the Injector

Although it is not possible to include all the functions and the features of the gaming injector in just one post. We will try to include all the popular ones and the ones that give you more power in the game.

  • The application does not cost any money
    • Free to download
    • Free to install
    • Free to signup
    • No password required
    • Free to unlock tons of features
  • Help to unlock tons of skins
    • Unlock battle skins
    • Unlock dry skins
    • Unlock colored skins
    • Unlock tons more skins
  • Unlock most of the ESP
    • collection ESP
    • Mod menu ESP
    • Health ESP
    • Map ESP
    • Player ESP
  • Drone View
    • Gives more customization
    • High-resolution camera
    • 3x, 4x, 5x support
    • Can rotate the camera
    • Zoom in and out option
  • Access to tons of weapons and can update them
  • Different hacks unlocked
    • Change the color of the map
    • See the health of enemies
    • Unlimited health
    • Unlimited coins
    • Unlimited diamonds
    • Menu
    • No ads
    • Simple to use
    • And many more

You can find similar features in the IMoba Bangmamet injector as well.

List the advantages and disadvantages of the Gaming Injector ML

With all the features mentioned above, there are much more. Although there are some cons of the injector which will be discussed in this section. We believe it is your right to know them before downloading and installing the APK file on your Android phone.


  • Free to use
  • Safe and Secure
  • Boost the ranking
  • High ratings from players
  • No need to spend money
  • Small in size
  • Fast in performance
  • Many more are mentioned in the features section


  • It might not work sometime
  • The app is not found on official sites like Google Play Store.
  • There are no automatically updated
  • Don’t try with your actual account, it might get banned.

Steps and guide to download, install and use the Worst Gaming Injector

The downloading and installation process is very simple. In fact, the APK phone has made it much simpler for you. Now, you don’t need to be redirected to pages and pages to download the APK file. With the simple steps mentioned below, you will be able to download and install the APK file.

  1. Process of downloading the app
    • Find the download button ( it is on the top of the page)
    • Click the button
    • Wait till a downloading link is generated
    • Download the file
  2. Process of installing the app on an Android phone
    • Once the download is complete
    • Open the setting on your phone
    • Find third-party installation
    • Unlock this option
    • Now, find the file manager
    • Then go to the download folder
    • Find the APK file
    • Install it
  3. How to use the application
    • Once the installation is complete
    • A new icon will appear
    • Open it
    • Now open the MLBB game
    • You will see a new icon in the starting screen
    • Click on it
    • Many features will be visible to you
    • Activate those that you want to use
    • Congratulations on using and installing and gaming injector


What is the size of the gaming injector?

The size of the injector is 9.2 MB which is quit small compared to other injectors

Why Worst Gaming Injector is popular?

The main reason for the worst gaming injector to be so popular is because of its features.

Are there any automatic updates? How to update the injector?

One of the disadvantages of downloading the app from any third party is that you can’t update the app automatically. In order to update the app, you need to uninstall the previous one and install the new one.

How to give reviews about the app?

On the top of the screen, just below the download button, you can see the star. You can rate the app there and send us your reviews in the comments sections.

I cannot install the app, Who to contact?

If you are facing any problem in the downloading or installing process, contact us either through comments or through the telegram channel link given above.

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