AGK ByPass Download APK Unlock Skins For Free

v 28

AGK ByPass APK Injector is the updated version of Alex Gaming King tools for Free Fire which unlocks skins, coins, emotes and drone view.
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Alex Gaming King
12.15 MB
v 28
Android Version 5+

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Hello friends, we welcome you to our other article and tool which is going to take your journey of Free Fire game to the next level. The AGK ByPass APK tool is all set to help you survive in the FF game without being knocked out by other players.

The unlimited features of the AGK ByPass Injector help the players to get access to tons of features for which they had to pay otherwise. Start unlocking the skins, get different colors, and show your skins to your opponents. With the installation of the APK file, you also get access to tons of emotes like dancing, talking, sending kisses, high jumping, and many others that were once dreams to get in the FF game.

Well, all the thanks go to the people and their efforts to create the AGK ByPass by-pass injectors. When we are using such tools which makes us enjoy the game more, we should always thank the creators and if possible give feedback and rate their work as well.

To get access to the features of the injector and to have more fun in the FF game, download and install the APK file on your Android phone. The APK file is fully saved and no risk of using and downloading.

What is the AGK ByPass APK Injector?

The AGK ByPass APK v28 is the latest injector for the Free Fire to help the FF players enjoy the premium features free of cost. The application is small in size, has a very simple interface, and is very fast compared to the other injectors. The injector comes with an anti-ban policy which allows the users to use the application without fear of losing their main account. But still taking precautions is always a good option.

The time has gone when you missed a lot of your chances to hit a headshot. With this injector, there will be no missed shots as the auto headshot is going to help you place on the head of your target without missing it.

You can fly like a bird, run over water, see behind the wall, see the health information of the opponent, and get unlimited health. These all hacks are possible with the installation and usage of the application.

What makes the AGK ByPass APK Tool Unique?

The features of the Bypass injector make this tool unique and popular among the FF players. Let us list possible features and functions that you can unlock once you install the APK file.

  • Unlock skins
  • Unlock emotes
  • Unlock ESPs
  • Free to use
  • Free to download and install
  • No cost
  • No ads
  • No signup or registration required
  • Small in size
  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Auto headshot
  • Auto gun reload
  • Auto map location
  • The sniper location is shown
  • Map hacks
  • Drone view
  • Drone view settings
  • Camera customizations
  • And many more with the installation of the file

Want to know our thoughts about the Injector?

Well, we will be very honest with you about the injector. Our main target is not to just provide you with the tools and injectors but to make your FF journey great. So, let’s start our honest reviews about the application after using it.

One of the drawbacks of the app was that sometimes it was not working at all and you needed to restart your FF game again and again. But the latest version v28 has fulfilled this game and now the application is fully functional on all Android devices version 5+.

The best part of the application is that it actually shows the location of the sniper which is an extra asset for you to take down your opponents. With access to the snipper, you can kill your opponent from a large range.

If you see the rating of the app that it has gotten from players all around the world, it is very impressive. The FF players had ratted the APK file quite well which shows the reliability of the app.

How to download the AGK ByPass Injector?

If you are a new user of the APK Phone and struggling with the downloading process, here are the simple steps given to you.

  1. Click on the download button
  2. It will take you to the downloading link
  3. Follow the link and download the APK file
  4. Now open the settings on your phone
  5. Enable the option to install unknown apps
  6. Now, it is time to find the downloaded APK file
  7. Open the file manager > then go to the Download folder > and find the APK file
  8. Install the application
  9. You are good to use the APK file


What does AGK stand for in ByPass Injector?

The AGK stands for Alex Gamer King

Who has built the AGK?

Although it is quite unclear about the owner of the AGK many sources have cited that the AGK Bypass tool was created by Alex Gamer King.

How to enable auto-updates for the APK APPs?

Unfortunately, there are no auto-updates for the APK files that you installed from third-party applications like APK Phone. If you want to get the updated version, then uninstall the previous one and install the new one.

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